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More about the mission we're on and the team behind the product.

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A world where sharing ideas is easy, constructive and respectful. Where we work together as communities to help local services improve.

Our Vision for the future

Build an app that puts the power back in the customers pocket. Work hard for our users to make their voices heard so that they will choose Vocal to share again and again.

The 1st Mission

"As customers the feeling of not being heard has become the norm when we think about sharing our ideas and experiences with businesses. It shouldn't be like this and we plan to change that"

- Tom, founder

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The team



Tom has a decade of experience in user centred design practice working for organisations like Lloyds Bank, yell.com & Virgin Media Business. He runs Yena events for young entrepreneurs in Edinburgh helping them connect with one another and start their own businesses.



We're looking for an experienced CTO who shares our vision for the future.

Get in touch - jobs@vocal.app



Having worked for major startups Boosted & Alta Motors in San Fransisco Harry has a passion for business. He is also a dab hand at front-end and built our mobile and web platforms. He is currently a Product Manager at Moneybox.